“Dare to ask the master,There is a real person in this view,Cents‘Worry free’?”
“what?!”Old way surprised,He never expected Li Tianzhen to ask such a question,Wuyou Taoist is a person who is very evasive to mention in Guannei,How does this kid know?Could it be that the many visions that this person just showed on the stone platform have made him enlightened,Know ancient and modern?
If so,I don’t know where this son came from,Isn’t this opportunity terrifying??So, http://www.njjinbang.cn isn’t it simple to understand some secrets in the view??Lao Dao immediately remembered when he wandered in the northwest 27 years ago,The reception of Li Tianchou’s father Li Xuewen in Yu Yunguan。
A very ordinary scholar,Yu Xiangye teaches,Just ask for fortune telling for the son who is to be born,In order to avoid disasters。I got a lottery,The unborn child’s fortune is not going well,At least the first half of my life was troubled,It’s not unusual for ordinary people to get this lottery。
Old Dao reluctantly changed the name of the child,change‘Tianhua’for‘Tian Chou’,Count on disaster relief,Broad opportunity,But fate and fortune cannot be changed。Now recalling that sign,Nothing extraordinary,But how can this child be so good?
The stunned look of the old Taoist did not make Li Tianchou realize that he had failed.,Asked again:“versus‘Worry free’There is another person of the same generation‘Wang Chenzi’,Hasn’t the master ever heard of it??”
“Cough。”Old Dao repeatedly concealed his gaffe,“How can little friends know the two masters in my view?”
“Uh……”Li Tianchou suddenly,But the words have been exported, how can they be collected again?I can’t tell the truth again,Had no choice but to bite the bullet,“When I went up the mountain, I heard a pilgrim say that Liuyun Temple was destroyed by fire,Later it was rebuilt by Wuyou Taoist,So curious。”
Old Dao rolled his eyes,Xin said that this excuse is really lame,But I won’t ask。He was sure that the other party had a great opportunity on this Guanlantai,Let alone Taoism cultivation,The realm of enlightenment alone has far surpassed myself and the other two brothers。
I just heard the bird crying,The old Taoist knew something big happened,Nobles come,Bring Li Tianchou to Guanlantai with the idea of trying it out,This clinker has such an unheard of chance?Want to come,It’s been sixty years since this heavy bird came to Liuyun View last time。
I can sigh for decades of hard work,It’s not as good as this young man sitting on this stone platform,How can the word chance be clear?
The veteran sighed,“The two ancestors are powerful people,Just when I started,They have all emerged,Knowing is really limited。”
Li Tianchou also rolled his eyes,Belly defamation old Taoist is not happy。
“Please look http://www.xiankezu.cn back,Recognize these two trees?”The old man turned around,Pointed to the tall umbrella-shaped tree,Pointed to the plant whose crown is like a dragon。
“This short one seems to be Dragon Claw,This big one is not so clear。”