A child who seemed to be about eleven or twelve years old walked into the conference room barefoot。And behind him,A grey wolf clings tightly behind him like a shadow。
Everyone in the conference room didn’t react to this grim wolf boss,They are obviously used to this guy’s existence。
The little boy silently walked to an empty position,Sat down。And the gray wolf lay at his feet,The dark green pupils are particularly dazzling in the shadow of the table。
“Now that Mokato is here,Let’s start talking about business。”Hoarfrost scanned the audience,“Let’s start with the intelligence department,Talk about it,what happened?”
“……Looking at all aspects of intelligence,All of Apocalypse AsiasAll levels of combat power have gone to Europe to encircle and suppressAOMThis is true,Lin Yichen’s personal situation is unknown。and also,Ten minutes ago, the headquarters suddenly encountered unexplained electromagnetic interference,All communications in Yunnan Province will not be affected,But the inter-provincial communication tools all failed,No interference source has been found so far。”The Director of Intelligence took up the information in his hand and reported it。
In fact, in theory, this job should be done by Lu Xingfeng,But the director glanced at Lu Xingfeng’s grumbling grudge look,I chose to come forward。
“……You mean to tell me,Now Yunnan has become an information island?”
“Can be described like this。”Registrar cannot deny。
“Why is this?Electromagnetic bomb??”The head of operations asked,He is a very avid military fan in this world,Although hobby does not mean professional。
“Use your brain,If it was an electromagnetic bomb device, it would have burned,Don’t talk about communications within the province,I’m afraid I can’t even start it。”The head of the intelligence department gave him a very disgusting look,“I personally tend to be Lin Yichen directly using some means to cut off Yunnan’s external electromagnetic signals,It shouldn’t be a problem to do this step with his authority。”
“Gate of Fallen World。”
Mocator, who has been silent for a long time, suddenly came up with such a sentence。
“what?”Hoarfrost did not hear clearly。
“Ten minutes ago……The door of the fallen。”Mocator looked straight at Hoarfrost,Say a word。
Chapter Sixteen resentment
“……Are you sure?”Hoarfrost is dignified。
“Not me,Charon said。”Mocator looked down at the gray wolf lying at his feet,Said in a low voice。
“Charon?Why should we trust a horse……”Lu Xingfeng is dissatisfied。