“Tell me in detail,Don’t miss the details。”
Entrust,Luo Sanxiang can’t wait to say。
Wei Gang did not dare to neglect,That’s all over again and overview。
When he said that summer is easy to put 50 security guards,The eyes of Luo Sanjing revealed complex colors。
“What is the strength of the brothers, you are also clear。If he is a person, he will overturn them.,This is not the most important,What is important is that he is still in his hand.,But also……”
Waiting for the arrival of Luo three eyes,Guido is really calm down。
Until then,He is afraid,There is an endless doubts in the heart and the endless horror。
“Three masters,I also specialize in the monitoring.,Do you want to see??”
Luo San Eye nodded。
Guido will soonuPlug in the computer,Personally,After opening,Is the shape of the summer entry and leaving the meeting in the summer。
He quickly operates a few times,Delicate the picture,And zoom,Pointing the blurred photo,“It is him,When you are away,He told me with a special method.,Said that his surname,Let you……Let you……”
Luo Double eyes,Tick the photos in the picture,The look is more complicated on the face.。
“He said that you should not run in a few days.,He will come to you.……”
“Is it this sentence??”
Luo Sanxiang calls out one breath,The whole person rely on the sofa。
The time between his look,Sometimes tense,Sometimes excited,Exposed silk fans again。
“Three masters,Who is he?……”
See him,Wei Ge finally did not hold back,Curious inquiry。
Luo Sanxi did not answer directly,Say,“Don’t you ask my kung fu and who??Now I can tell you。”
Toned,Do not wait for each other,Finger refers to the screen on the computer screen,“I learned to study him.。”
Really stayed。
At this moment,He didn’t know what kind of emotion he was,What should I say?。
Not nothing,But it is doubts too much.。
That young man is twenty-four or five years old,But the three men are forty-five this year.。