When watching these people,For Shen Xuan,It is more interesting to feel more interesting.。
At this time, some people suddenly,It is the people of all major。
These people face each other,I have seen me.,I look at your look.。
obviously,In fact, in their hearts,How much still feels some hesitation。
Even,Now,How should I handle this thing?。
He is Shen Xuan?,It is very light。
“you,It should be the people of the majority.?”
“In fact, you don’t have to be so nervous.,I am Shen Xuan。”
Shen Xuan station in place,Performance is very light。
But with the words of Shen Xuan’s words,Shenxuan’s face,These people face each other。
Now,What should I do?
Especially Shen Xuan now,So stunning http://www.rk-coder.cn look,no doubt,Still completely shocked the people in front of them。
Just when these people are still falling around。
not far away,A voice,Suddenly sound here。
“Do not talk nonsense,Give me a sinking!”
This sound,Suddenly let other martial arts,Fully found the main bone。
Now,There is no good entanglement at all.。
These people have started,Envelop Shen Xuan in,I don’t say that I don’t say it directly.。
He is Shen Xuan?,Stand in place。
Shen Xuan’s sight http://www.ibaoo.cn is expected to focus on these people,The more you look, the more you feel very funny.。
“A bit of meaning,Let’s come.。”
Shen Xuan’s side,Huang Yue is directly rushed.。
Huang Yue’s face is more excited with a trace。
Such a thing,It is the hope of Huang Yue.。
“come,Despite it.。”
“Yes,Say something wrong,What can be resistant?,Although taken out。”
Huang Yue said,His side,Those warriors,Also, I didn’t forget it here.。
“That’s right,I should do this itself.。”
“What are you afraid?,What can I get it?。”
“In fact, think about it.,Let’s,It is also necessary to worry about it.。”
With these people,I didn’t forget it here.。
no doubt,Such a thing,From the fundamental level,Already fully placed here。
As for Shen Xuan,People who see these War Temples are so brave like。
Shen Xuan still does not forget,Remind this here。
“Although everyone is http://www.fuekang.cn helpless,but,Let’s still have to be in your hand.!”
Shen Xuan’s words,Take the warrior of other war temples。