then,First-line anti-pressure blue steel shadow,Also take the last silk amount to escape。
This wave,IGMake a small earning。
The game continues after this。
IGSelected a combination of policewoman,Naturally, I want to fight for the right line right.,And after more layers of plating。
IGDouble group,It is also true that this kind of tactics is very good.。
Just arrived at the game12minute,WEThe next column is taken away by three layers of plating。
andWELower road double group,Faced with this quite embarrassment,Naturally, it will inevitably appear some anxious psychology.。
At this time,Has been pushed to the cliff。IGThe double group is still so aggressive,How can I let them be angry?。
but……The more you have anxious,The more the operation in their hands will definite。
Although they as a professional player of experience,After trying to make your own mentality,There will be no so exaggerated changes。
but,They still inevitably,Some minor effects。
And in this opponent is the stage of the top player,This is not a little impact,It will be amplified by unlimited。
Competing time12Minute15second,IGOnce againWEOne wave of millennium。then,Promote his own military lineWEOne tower。
WEDouble group did not have a hard time,After all, there is no necessary。
As the soldier line enters the tower,While thinking about how to make this tower knife。
On the side, it is thinking about the aid of your own.,Whether this wave will have something suitable for the situation to reverse the situation。
Siwil and dawn support the tower knife,When you are, you will be careful when you are in mind.。
That is in this case,Let them feel familiar with the scenes。
Police and hammer stone down,A pair you either go back,Either Laozi is hard to touch your gesture。
Xiville and Shuguang are a little angry.,But look at itIGAfter the double group, there is no loophole.,The two have to choose the yield.。
but……Just when they want to retreat directly。
They found,IGDouble group does not choose direct stationAtower,Instead, continue to grab it.。
WEBoth people slightly,IGDouble group has already entered the tower,It is intended to be in this way.?
next moment,Police and hammer’s movements,toldWETwo people,What are they intended?。
The body of the police jump into the air,Suddenly retreat,Then she crouched her body in the air.。
The sniper gun in the hand is raised at its high,A bullet that is filled with cold breath is shot from the medium。
at the same time,That is, in the first moment of these movements。HammerQSkill,Also accompany his action and shot。
Ice cold lock chain is off,Target straight point down,I can’t open Hiwiro, which is too far away.。
And Xiwei at this time,Unfortunate。She has been influenced by those emotions,Slightly slowed down for retreat。
It is also these half steps,Let her fall into the life and death crisis at this time.。
certainly,along withIGThe two moves,Another auxiliary dawn in the battlefield。
She is noticeable,Decisive is to hand in his own police officers.ESkill。
pity……In herESkills while,The policewoman has also first handed over his own step.EQ。
ESkills backward,Nature is to avoid this backhandE。As forQSkill,That is of course, it’s not far away.。
Two hairQSkill,In the face of Shiwir at this time,Everything is very fast,It is difficult to use to avoid。
but,When she realizes this thing,Still a little later。
Faced with the fruit of the hammer and policewomanQ,Xiville did not choose to hand over the flash in the first time.。
Maybe after things,How to see Xiville should be decisive to hand over this flash。