Anyway, it is already in this.,So since it has become like this,It is better to be so decisive.,Sell this matter to this,Is the most important。
Think of this,Liu Chong’s attention slightly moves,The next consciousness looks at the eye。
“In fact,Other things,But there is no more saying.。”
“Since it is already here,So, it is better to come.!”
When Liu Chong looked at the eyes,He is right about this,More than one hand fell。
With Liu Chong,It is even more than those people around,Can’t help but take a deep breath。
After all, here is here,Such a thing,In fact, how do you think,It is also a feeling of this side.。
That is here,These things itself,The more you look, the more you are shocked.。
“If now,Really said something,think carefully,Let’s everyone,It is really only to do this.。”
“Yes,They only have some few people.,Selling them once,For our concern,Very advantageous!”
“If it is really this situation now,So let’s everyone,Still going to continue。”
With these people,You have a word,Don’t forget to say that you are excited about your eyes.。
After all, in front of you,In fact, these problems have been fully placed.。
As for next,How should I handle it?。
Liu Chong’s heart,In fact, I still understand。
“so now,Let’s everyone,What is it tangled here??”
“Pack up,Then I with me,Selling them to solve it again!”
When Liu Chong is in front of you,The more like this,Liu Chong’s heart,If you are more excited。
After all, here is here,These things are in any case,In fact, there is still a need for this,This is a good solution to the weight.。
And with Liu Chong,This,Liu Chong’s,Side around those people,I watched it in front of her eyes.。
After all, here is here,Such a thing,It should be planned to,What way of processing。
In fact, Liu Chong looks like,The light is now brought about。
In fact, no matter what is starting,In itself,Still need a certain courage。
“In short, start now,this matter,Let’s do it thoroughly.!”
When Liu Chong is talking to everyone,It is even more,Exquisite looks like。
After all, I will follow it.,What should this matter?。
What yourself,What makes them more excited。
Since there is already said this point,So now,What are you waiting for?。
“They are there。”
at this time,I don’t know who it is.,Suddenly shouted。
All people’s attention,Falling in front of you。
All this,In fact, the more they look, the more it feels.。
Next thing,anyway,Still have this necessary,I should try to solve this matter.,Is the most important。
“Humph,Your courage is not small,Actually daring here to deal with our Hanguang Chamber of Commerce!”
at this time,With Liu Chong’s export。
Tang Nian,It is not worried about itself.。
“Ha ha,Your Hanguang Chamber of Commerce is so garbage,Why can’t you come??”
Tang Jing’s words,Said that Liu Chong did not know,What should I say?。
“Is Shen Xuan let you come??”