After winning the Dalong,IGYNaturally began to advance。
Blended DalongBUFFLater,Their advancement is almost unstoppable.。
Along with a step of steady steady,IGYEqualEDEMiddle and lower highlands。
And the high place is about to be removed,EDEIt seems that it is finally I can’t help but。
Luo direct opening group,But there is no flash,The group battle that is not perfect is not perfect enough to change the current situation.。
finally,This wave of groupsIGYof2Change4Come to an end。
andEDEThis wave is not calm,Also let them lose the last chance。
IGYLeft three people,Directly in the face of excavators,Dismantle。
No good excavator,It can only be launched in the tower.。
certainly,He fights for a fight,There is no accident being killed.。
finally,With the explosion of the red square base。
IGYWinning the first homage of this standings first battle。
When the palace clear text is taken down the headphones,His cheers in his ear,It seems to be compared to the day,More warmly。
Palace cleansing mouth,Slowly go to the stage。
But when he walked down,I am inexplicably in my heart.,Eye drifting down the stage。
At the end of his eyes,Yunyi is in a white and knee skirt,Laughing standing there,Like a gentle and lovely lady。
See the palace,The smile on her face is even more。
Also raised a slender arm,Powder punch,Then I will squat down,It’s a good way to come.。
But the palace clearly looks at the smile of Yunyi,After can’t help but touch the nose,This is back to a smile.。
Palace clearly, I don’t know if I have been persecuted.,Still Yunyi left to him。
He always feels,Yunyi is looking for him,Or show him,It is definitely what he has.。
“OK,IGYVery beautifully won the first homage of this competition。can be seen,IGYThe players look very excited。“
Doll summary after the game,Miller also nodded。
“In my personal opinion,EDEThis is the biggest reason to lose,Because they are rightIGYSome of the lineups taken out。”
“Yes,IGYIn this game,The lineup and their habits they have come completely different from,The young guys also show us his plasticity.。”
Doll said this,Miller throws another point of view。
“Yes,butEDECauses will lose,Here there is this。There is also their entrance core,Also the engine of the entire team,He is completely locked in the middle。”
“Um,I hope they can adjust it well.BP,Bring us a more exciting game。”
Chapter 69 Vomitation in the toilet
Attached atmosphere,Teams that have just been down from the field,They are all silent and have a self-closing expression.。 East is very optimistic,Basically also the Zhao Yi of the atmosphere maker,It is also a depressed expression.。
He just took this whole,They are locked in the middle,Although the other party’s Sundela is not killing him,But also can’t play your strengths.。