Liu Zi sighed a breath,“Just I think,Meet the negotiation that I am respectful,After all, it is now a big person.……”
“I am not a big person,If you can say in the phone,Let’s talk about it.,Certainty,If you wish,Can come to my house,I invite me.。”
“Okay.,Then I will respect it respect.。See you soon。”
Liu Zi finished,It seems to be afraid of summer repentance,I immediately hang up the phone。
Summer is a mouthful of mouth,He is also a guest。
Now,Enter the kitchen,Surrounding apron,Prepare for cooking。
40 minutes or so,Summer mobile phone 嗡 鸣,However, after three, it automatically hangs.。
Summer walks out of the villa hall,At a glance, I saw Liuzi, standing in front of the villa gate.。
Go to the past,Willow,Summer laughing,“A few months no,More and more beautiful。Please。”
Not complimentation,Liuzi itself has an extremely special temperament。
She is ancient martial arts from Kunlunpai,But there is a feministic、Tenical charm,Be known。
People’s new hundred,all kinds,Some people are like this,Amiable,Don’t deliberately。
“Thank you for your prize,Pets are frightened。”
Liu Zi also ridicule,At the same time,Very surrounding environment,“I take the liberty visit.,Will you attract Miss Liu?。”
Summer is obliquely,“I just came back.,No more beautiful,Disguise。”
Liuzi face smiles,I immediately put a summer summer.,“So straight,Miss Liu’s beauty,Why do you like it?。”
Summer laughs and not speak。
After entering the villa,Summer bubbles a cup of coffee for her,Then I opened the door to see the mountain pass.。
“What http://www.chaoke365.cnis I do?,Say。”
Liu Zi is also a happy person,Straightforward,“Two things,The first one is the official,External rumors,Miss Liu seems to have seriously ill,So I went to Beijing to treat diseases.,But some people who know about the end,Always fight with people,Enmity,In fact, bring her to Beijing.,Protect her to prevent accidents,I am right.。”
Summer eyes flash,Nodded。
In fact, these two news are spread out of the summer.。
Liu Zi’s face has become serious,“But recently has a small road message,Said that Liu Qingqing has already pregnant,Flesh。”
NS2939chapter He is there
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NS2939chapter He is there
I heard the words of Liu Zi,Summer face slightly changed。
About Liu Qingqing pregnant news,Not much people know。