Shangzhu County, Shangdu County, Today, Today, Shanxi Gao official,It is the county,Adjacent to the kettle,The strategic status is very important。
for“Preparation Zhou Jun”,The Rolley of Raw is with a part of the horse and a part of the ruins of Xianbei Military House to the top party.,And stationed in Showing County。
Like the old cat with squat,I will not leave.,I don’t care what changes have occurred in Jinyang.。It seems like the world outside,It is nothing to do with him.。
“Army,At the end, I just caught two ghost people outside the gate.,Subject,There is no way。Hear,Like the people there。”
Dollar gold is in the study,麾 麾 嫡 嫡 大 大 段 段 段 段,Said two“Subject”Man!
口 关 乃 邺 邺 邺 口 口 口 口 口 口 口 口,Today, it will be a state in the two sides.,Catch one or two“Subject”Man,It is really a matter of normal.。
“Hear them,I will go see if I have time.。”
Biolk gold boring swing hand,Hiking legs on the table,Continue to sing unknown small songs,Still watching the Romance of the Three Kingdoms。no way,The military book is really hard to understand.,Although he is not a blind blind,But it is also a big old rough。
Other books can’t see it.!
Today’s stressful situation,Make some other entertainment activities seems not to be inevitable,In addition to reading books,What else can you do??As for the segment, I caught two people.,Later, I said.,Where did he manage it so much?。
“Army,At the end, I will feel that one of them is like a person.。”
Hesitated for a long time,Duan Chang, I finally said my guess.。
“Ugh,you are annoying,What is wrong?,How to be like a child,Half a day?”
Dendrobs said impatiently,For non-tangible horses,He naturally doesn’t have to think about the opponent’s heart.。Still,You want to mix,Don’t want to mix,No one wants you。
“End will feel,One of them,Very like Yang Yao around the Queen。”
Duan Chang said with a small voice around the law.。
“what!Hurry up,You will help me!Ouch!”
Exuberant,I fell a dog in the derogal roller of the legs on the table.,Big belly is not very good,Even the greeks of the greeks will come up。
“Walk away,Take me quickly,Why don’t you say it??Is there any negligent??”
The roller is completely unsained.,Segmentation。
Blame, I have no morning.?Who just said that there is a space to look at it??
A way to the official,that is“firmly believe”Super level is right,Then I want to help the upper level。Duan Chang helpless collar will arrive in the back of the county,I will smell the mildew in the sky.。
“How can I get people here??You will bring them to my study in the county.,Go and go。”
The roller gold directly gave the pot.,Do not pay close attention。
Waiting for him,Duan Chang helpless sigh,I knew that I followed Gao Bao after I came back.,Why bother to Jinyang with a gold and other people??
Really found。
邺 城 律 光 光 府 府,Billow light is giving you a high-alumm,The two people have a small wine to eat a small dish.。
At this moment,Gao Baoyi took out a stack of paper from the arms,Put it on the table in front ofnd。
“Large manager,What is this??”
Dendrobline suddenly stunned,What is it deep about this stack??
“This is the hiring of my high prince.。”
Gao Boyi smiles,Drink all。Dendrobium light carefully“Paper”,Pretty complex patterns are printed above,Written“A thousand 绢”。
“War bonds that the court has not officially issued,Originally, you should use food.。After the war of Jin Yang’s war,Can be based on years,Exchange this year’s bond,Just as you are in front of you.。”
Dendrobium light fixes,It is written in the five years。
“What year is the year??”
Billow light is more confused,Sir, Gao Biyi stunned。