Li Tianchou suddenly calmed down a lot,Just a few words from Peng Weihua hurt him severely,Toss on your own,Is to eliminate the tails and hidden dangers left before,But I didn’t expect it to be worthless,This is where he is very angry。
But think from another angle,Li Tianchou is also reflecting,Lack of money to this point,I didn’t understand,There is too little care for the development of the company,How can everyone have the confidence to keep going?,So Peng Wulai’s reminder at this time is also very timely。
Li Tianchou sat on the chair and waved his hands,Motioned Fu De and Xiao Song to sit down too,“I was too anxious;Should not get angry,But what should be said must be said,Otherwise it is irresponsible。I didn’t think thoroughly before,And care about restaurants too little,This is my problem,Accept criticism。That’s it for today,But the money must be refunded。Similar situation in the future,We have to make rules。”
Just finished,Peng Weihua stood up immediately,Shaking his hand out with a green face,Unexpectedly, a bunch of people stood at the door,Wenhui、Zhang Wen、broad bean、Xiaohuo and Xiao Liu are both here,All look dull。Fortunately, Zhu Lei responded quickly,Went out and sent everyone to sleep,It took a long time to return to the office。
The atmosphere is quite embarrassing,Xiao Song and Fu De also got up and left to rest。Only Li Tianchou and Zhu Lei are left in the house。
“Old wish,Can you survive it??”Li Tianchou has a lot to say,But looking at the other person with a tired face and can’t bear it。
“It’s ok,Let’s smoke,Everything is solved with a refreshing。”Zhu Lei smiled,“Don’t blame Ahua,He is kind。”
Li Tianchou shook his head,Took out a cigarette,“No,I’m just stunned。Fortunately, things are almost resolved,Liu Hao has news in three days。”
Zhu Lei lifted his spirits,“Who did it?”
“wildcat,It’s Liu Hao who he tied up。And Shen Mingfang’s people tied the other two secretly piled people,Finally, let the wild cat handle it together。”Li Tianchou,“But the source of the news has become a mystery,May be Ahao,It might have been found by Sun Kaizi himself。and……And it’s been so long,I am worried that Liu Hao has had an accident。”
Zhu Lei’s eyes dimmed suddenly,In fact, he was already vaguely prepared,But when the news almost came true,He is still very sad。After a while, he stared at the blood-red eyes and whispered:“Where’s that bastard wild cat?”
“In the hands of Wu Fang,We have nowhere to close。”Li Tianchou is really hard to answer this question,If Liu Hao really had an accident,With everyone’s temper,It’s impossible not to shout revenge。This is where he worries most,So I can only talk to Zhu Lei alone。
“Three days is three days。”Zhu Lei nodded bitterly。
Li Tianchou looked at each other’s eyes that were about to breathe fire,Can’t help but worry more。If the result is not good after three days,Then it will be a big trouble,He suddenly didn’t want to continue this topic,“Is there no money in the account??”