Since the next,I have already got an idea.,Then they naturally know,How should I solve it?。
“So next,All of this is going to see us.?”
“This is of course,After all, these things,Let us,There is no need to avoid。”
“all in all,It’s already here.,So next,No matter how much,Let us save this.,That’s right。”
Be in front of you,Those people around them are not forgotten here.。
Even so,But at this moment,Tang Nian,Still don’t forget。
“although,These things are indeed,But let’s everyone,Still more careful!”
I heard Tang Ming,itself,They don’t think about it.。
But after thinking carefully,These talents suddenly found,Tang Nian said,All is true。
Since the next,This matter has become this。
So in the end,From what is started。
In fact, their hearts,Naturally quite understand。
At this moment,Tang Migui got an eye,It is not forgotten to continue.。
“despite this,But now,Want to avoid these things,It is not impossible to。”
“so,I feel,We can arrange in advance.。”
Tang Lei began,Here to put your own plan,A brain said out。
Side around those people,I looked at my eyes.。
obviously,It looks at them,How should this matter?。
In fact, their hearts,It is already quite expected。
Although now,Today is doing this。 But next,In fact, these issues,Still have this necessary to increase the strength as soon as possible is the key and key。
As for Tang Nian,It is one side to look at the eyes,I didn’t forget to continue to say before my eyes.。
“In short,if we assume,He home here,Plan a secret attack,So let’s follow,Thoroughly solve this matter!”
When Tang Jing is talking to his eyes,This is to let the surrounding people more harmonious。
After all, this,In fact, these shadow troops,It is also more and more.。
“so,We now,It should be completely exempted.?”
“This is inevitable,After all, these things,It doesn’t matter in itself, there is no way to avoid。”
“These things,Itself is so,Otherwise we have everyone,Why do you toss it here??”
Be in front of you,With those people around,I didn’t forget to talk to my eyes.。
obviously,These things are now,Already fully placed here。
As for this,How to do it in the end,In fact, they look at them.,Still it is necessary to handle it。
and,The strength of the shadow is here。
Where is a district?,It’s even more。
“Now that the boss has already set this idea to do this.,So let’s everyone,Well ready,Then it is。”
When Tang Jing looks at the eye,I didn’t forget to put it.。
Those people around see it,Then I agree with my nodes.。
this matter,In fact, they look at them.,It seems really。
So next,In fact, for them,Start now,It should be completely prepared,that’s enough。