[Do you want to avoid coughing?]_ Notes_Eating taboos

Cough is a relatively common condition. There are many reasons for cough. Some coughs caused by colds, throat inflammation, pneumonia, etc., should be checked in time for symptomatic treatment of coughs. Cough should be eaten daily. Some oranges, grapefruit, Rock sugar, Sydney, etc. can relieve cough, many people wonder if they do n’t need to avoid coughing when coughing, should coughing be coughing?

Let ‘s take a look next.

First, the initial symptoms of cough: thin phlegm or white sticky phlegm at the beginning of cough, combined with nasal congestion and runny nose, headache, thin white tongue coating and other symptoms.

Avoid eating cold, sticky, and sticky things, such as bananas, persimmons, mussels, crabs, etc.

Second, dry cough symptoms: dry cough without sputum or less sputum is not easy to cough, or dry nose and dry throat, thin tongue coating and less.

Eat honey, sugar cane, olives, duck meat, white fungus and so on.

Avoid fragrant, fried, warm, spicy foods such as popcorn, fried peanuts, peppers, and avoid tobacco and alcohol.

Third, the cough has phlegm symptoms: cough yellow thick, cough and uncomfortable, or both thirst and sore throat, fever, dumb sound, and thin yellow tongue coating.

Food should eat pears, figs, mint, fat sea, watermelon, duck eggs, honeysuckle and so on.

Avoid hot and sticky products, such as longan meat, dog meat, pepper and so on.


What to do if you have a cough?

1. Propolis The main ingredient of propolis is oligofructose, which can improve the micro-ecology of disease, reduce the breeding of bacteria, take it for a long time, and has the effect of preventing disease and improving immunity.

It can resist virus and enhance immunity. After long-term observation and research in the medical field, it can effectively improve the incidence of cough.

2. Luo Han Guo Luo Han Guo has a sweet and cool flavor, returns to the lungs, the large intestine meridian, has the effects of nourishing the lungs and relieving cough, regenerating and quenching thirst, and is suitable for lung heat or dryness cough, whooping cough, and summer heat injury and thirst.

Luo Han Guo was washed clean, the shell was dug out, and the leash was placed in a water glass with a blister.

It is slightly sweet and has a good taste.

3, grapefruit skin Yuzu skin is bitter and sweet, warm, with phlegm and cough relief, qi and pain relief effects, attending cough and asthma, qi stagnation, chest pain, lower abdomen cold pain, food stagnation, kidney qi and so on, so do not throw skin after eating grapefruit.

Made into grapefruit tea, it can relieve cough and reduce phlegm, and moisten lungs and clear intestines.

4. Pear Pear is the most common also?
Seasonal fruits.

Autumn pear is not only sweet and delicious, fat and tender and juicy, but also has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, moisturizing the lungs and regenerating fluids, relieving cough and phlegm.

Absolute raw food, squeezed juice, stewed or boiled ointment, have a good treatment effect on lung fever cough, measles and elderly cough, bronchitis and other symptoms.

Therefore, autumn cough is the most popular autumn pear, and the effect is extraordinary!

5, jujube jujube can nourish the stomach and spleen, nourish qi and vitality, have the effects of moistening the heart and lungs, nourishing the five internal organs, treating intestines, and treating deficiency.

Traditional Chinese medicine is commonly used to treat the symptoms of children’s autumn dysentery, women’s dirtyness, coughing due to lung deficiency, and insomnia. It is a widely used tonic.