“Boss Guo,add blood!add blood!Use your active skills‘Emergency bandaging’!”Shunzi noticed the drop in Li Gexiao’s HP in the team personnel panel.。
“Fkey!pressFKey to use career skills!”Driving toBZhang Song shouted。
“Oh?So there is‘Treatment’what?!I know this person is right!”Guo Yinzhe saw that the character he operated Li Ge laughed because he used it‘Emergency bandaging’And restored a certain amount of blood,Smiled。
“Be careful,They will definitely attack again soon!”Feng Xichuan Road。
“I’m in the trial of joining the company,But withstood your extremely fierce attack from the president,Will care about the two of them?And now I have‘Treatment’,Isn’t it invincible?!”Guo Yinzhe asked back。
“Are you an idiot?your‘Treatment’alreadyCDUp,Use next time3Minutes later!”Cao Anna hit,The reason she knew,Because when I was convalescing in bed,She has become familiar with the skills of several common occupations。such as,She used to break up“Sprint”skill,After the acceleration duration expires,Still need30SecondCD。
“Haha,It’s not http://www.hdjeans.cn infinite,Otherwise, I will be able to stay old!”Guo Yinzhe smiled。
“Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!”
Li Gexiao, who was slightly distracted, was shot again,Passed before“Emergency bandaging”Blood volume treated,Was beaten down again,hisHPBecomes35point,Not much,A lot of points。
“Cough!In the past, I used to attack others,How dare you attack my fellow?Watch me release a heavy‘Basalt enchantment’!”
I saw Li Gexiao lying down again in the shelter of the stronghold,The other two lost their goals in an instant。
“You two haven’t wonApoint?Do you have to wait for me to go out myself?!”DThe boring dragon fruit in the point doubted。
“Met a terribly wretched person……Like an old turtle hiding in a turtle shell,Not give us a chance to attack。”Banana helpless。
“Can’t go on like this!do not care!Rush in together,If he doesn’t kill him, he will not give up!”Captain http://www.21drink.cn Pineapple is furious。
So the two again launched an encirclement and suppression operation against Li Gexiao,They cautiously entered at the same time from the front and rear entrances,Sweeping it away, there was no figure in Li Gexiao。