Just talk,Summer road,“I can cure completely.。”
Yang Haiming once again stunned。
Some reactions do not come over。
He slowly turned,Also look at Sun Youde,The eyes of the eyes are questioned。
Not too excited。
Pathological diagnosis of summer before summer,He is all in the eyes。
So even if you don’t understand medical,Yang Haiming can also speculate,Summer should be a medical high-quality doctor。
http://www.diexz.cn Recently,Sun Youde found him,Said that summer is acupuncture,Can suspend cancer cell spread。
Two or two conditions are added,His heart did have such a silk to believe and luck。
So I followed。
Now……Summer actually said that he wants to heal him.。
It is hard to convince.。
“Mr. Yang,The reason why,Is the emotional big big land,That is unfavorable to treatment。”
Sun Youde can only argue,“Rest assured,I know the doubts in my heart.,But rest assured,Mr. Xia Zeng gave three cases of clinical experience,This is really fortunate。”
Yang Haiming’s eyes retreat again,Mouth,Also looked at the summer,Trying to get his affirmation。
Summer mild laugh,“Mr. Yang,Cancer is not so terrible。Keep a good mentality,I guarantee that you can cure。”
Get affirmation,Yang Haiming’s voice became http://www.asevia.cn trembling。
If he seized the last life of the straw,通 跪,“Mr. Xia,Please save me……”
This moment of Yang Ming,It seems that it is really angry that it is really angry.,A big man,In the eyes of tears。
“I am not afraid of death.,But I still have a son and a daughter.,There is still an old man at home.,If……If I am dead,They,How can they live?……”
Summer hurriedly,Light comfort,“Rest assured,I have a hand,Soon, will heal。”
The people of the conference room look at this scene,Some complex between the look。
Only Mike and Zhang Mi’s eyes are surging the haze。
“Huh,Acupuncture treatment of cancer,What is joking?。”
Although Mac is in the heart of a bad sense,But still don’t believe in creating cancer in summer。
After all, I’m too incredible.。