“Are you okay?”Li Tianchou asked softly。
Sister Qiao shook her head,Struggling to stand up,But several attempts failed。Li Tianchou stood by,I want to reach out for help,In the end it didn’t move。He has lived in a blocked mountain since he was a child,He is a http://www.qingshihuangfei.cn very traditional person,Five-Year Army,It’s a life like a monk,How can there be a chance to face a young woman so close,Naturally, the hands and feet do not listen,Nose and mouth,Eloquent。
Sister Qiao tried hard again,Stand up,Unexpectedly, the soles of the feet are unstable,The vomited filth slipped。Li Tianchou hesitated on the sidelines,I’m still too late,Failed to hold each other。I fell a bit heavy this time,The whole person fell on his back,Especially the head seems to be knocked。
Li Tianchou was surprised,Look around,Such a big movement,The neighbor seems unresponsive。Then I looked at sister Qiao who was on her back,Teng Ran blushes,A picture that made his blood swell in front of him。Sister Qiao doesn’t have much clothes on her body,Very tight stretch red shirt,Outline a very attractive chest curve,The lower body is a short http://www.asevia.cn denim skirt and long stockings,Just lie on your back,Make Li Tianchou’s eyes a little trance,Heart is thumping、Thumping jump。
“what……”Sister Qiao covers her head with her hands,Extremely painful。Li Tianchou surprised,Reached out and slapped myself,People fell like this,I didn’t know what I was thinking。
Li Tianchou tried to stabilize his mind,Gave a dry cough,Tentatively asked,“Let me help you up?”
Sister Qiao still shook her head,Panting,“you……help me,Find……What’s in the bag……key……”
Li Tianchou nodded in a panic,Look around,There is a small red lady Kun bag at the entrance of the stairs,Okay,Not much inside,Found the key soon。
“found it,I’ll open the door to help you in?”Li Tianchou crouched down hard。
Qiao’s reaction seems to be shaking her head,Seems to nod again,This left Li Tianchou at a loss,Don’t know what to do。I was thinking http://www.cuangd.cn about going downstairs to wake up Wang Po,I suddenly saw sister Qiao’s hand red,Can’t help being surprised。
At this time, I still want so much mess,Really two hundred and five。Li Tianchou slapped himself again,Get up and open the door immediately,I won’t ask any more when I return,Picked up sister Qiao into the house。
Qiao’s room is simple and tidy,A refreshing fragrance,Li Tianchou suddenly became sober。He put Sister Qiao on the bed,Look at her hands immediately,After confirming that there is no wound,Start checking the back of the brain,Sister Qiao has thick hair,Can only be touched by hand,There is a slight feeling of turning over on the back of the head,It should be here,Can judge a small hole。
Li Tianchou can’t care about the blood on his hands,Ran back to my room immediately,Toss in the luggage,Found a small emergency medical kit。Alcohol inside、gauze、Cotton ball、All kinds of Chinese medicine,He developed a habit in the army,Take it with you when you travel,This time it helped a lot。
Cruel,Li Tianchou took a pair of scissors,Cut off the hair around sister Qiao’s wound,Then alcohol cleaning、Application and dressing。A set of processes tossed for nearly an hour,Li Tianchou sweats profusely,Not tired,The main heart is too nervous,If you accidentally touch Qiao’s skin,It’s like a low-voltage current passing through,Miserable。
So busy,Seeing sister Qiao, Li Tianchou seems to have fallen asleep,Turn around and leave,But found out that something should be covered。But sister Qiao’s clothes are already stained with vomiting dirt,It seems to be a little perfunctory with someone’s quilt,Li Tianchou simply ran back to the room and found a coat。
Back to the bed,Sister Qiao actually opened her eyes wide,Looking at Li Tianchou。