After three passed,Detailed look at the terms of the above。
Jossion ten minutes later,Owen puts the agreement down,Brow,Face is a bit ugly。
“Mr. Xia,Miss Margaret,Let us sign a confidentiality agreement now.,This is not suitable.?”
Although they came over,But and said that this work will be taken。
Instead, I will make a decision after the exam.。
All,Everyone has a large team behind everyone。
But now let them sign a confidentiality agreement,And the above conditions are very demanding in Owen.……Indicate that you can’t accept。
“Mr. Owen,Can you tell me which one is you unacceptable??”
Mami laughed,Say,“This confidentiality agreement is only temporary,Only ask everyone,If it is exited,Just need to talk about it today,Is this harsh??”
Owen’s face is somewhat ugly,Refers to the confidentiality agreement,“But the above is written,If it works here,Do not allow private out,And before exiting,And family friends call,Before you have applied,Some people have to surveillance next to,Is this not harsh??”
The look of Maji is extremely serious.,“Mr. Owen,These are just the most basic conditions,After all, we have studied the things in the world unique,Nature should prevent problems,But in other aspects,I will try to satisfy everyone.。”
“I signed。”
I didn’t hesitate to sign my name.。
Guan Ruo Ying considers a moment,Also signed the word。
See them,Owen’s face suddenly became difficult to look。
At this time, he will not come to Taiwan.。
“Mr. Owen,These conditions are really unscrupulous,If Mr. Owen accepts,Then we can’t do it.。”
Maji said。
“Hum,I am just talking about things.。”
Owen found a stairs for yourself,Some uncomfortable signs yourself。
See this scene,Maji smiled in summer。
Summer reveals an indispensable attitude。
Or that sentence。
Now he has no hope.。
He used to be strong,It also needs to be careful。
But now it is different.。
Even people know,What can I。
Perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people,This may be a great discovery.。
But in the top potentials at home and abroad,I know that he has a respect。
And many people have seen the black and white mysterious energy of his body surface.。
But everything is a little heart,Can guess。
After signature,Maji entered the elevator with everyone……Not the elevator in the summer before summer。
Nothing is high-tech testing。
Surface looks,That is the ground underground。