Lu Yingying who heard this,Frowned,Replied:“Wait for me to turn around,Ask my friend out,Talk about,See what she said first。”
“I’ll go back to work first。”
“Ok,be careful on the road。”
、Gate of Lin’s Group Branch。
“Grandma bear,I even dare to offend my bald head。”
“This time,I see you still arrogant?”
After Bald Fei parked the car in the parking lot,Arrogant disdain。
Finished,He swaggered towards the lobby of this branch。
“Mr,Are you here to negotiate a contract?”
Receptionist in the lobby。
See this bald head flying,Wearing a suit,Swagger in,Respectfully come forward to entertain。
“of course not。”
Bald fly heard,Deliberately lengthened the voice,Molesting the staff。
Because this entertains the staff,Is a little beauty。
“Mr. You are here to find the leader of our company,Or talk about other business?”
Hostess face,Didn’t show any discomfort。
But inside,But he scolded this bald head a thousand times,You deserve your bald head,No, no,Of course not。