Not far from the shadow,Sound again,It’s another chanting to quickly rush.,The speed is like lightning。
This is a young woman who has long figure.,Wear a black tight dress,Perfectly carry her graceful body,Let people come together。
Just she takes a butterfly mask,Unable to get a look,But a pair of eyes is stunned,Transplanting cold light。
See her,Summer frown,Ask,“who are you?”
The last time he and the Renault fierce battle,Tight time,It is the woman in front of the woman to save Renault.。
Later, Augustas,Thus,His sister Okitavi also came to Qinghai。
So in summer judgment women,Okitavi。
Woman staring in summer,Cold and cold,“Killing God can call me abyss。”
Not Okitavi?
Summer frowned again,“I am here to know,Recently, the new World, Xinjin, has an organization called abyss.,What is your relationship with this organization??”
Women’s laugh,But not。
And at this time,Renault is awkward,“Exxter,Call the supreme ring,I can consider letting you live a life.。”
Summer is looking at him,“You are sure that I can kill me.?”
“Ha ha。”
Renault is bruising,Then I licked my lips.,The face is revealed,“If you are not injured,I can’t kill you.,And very afraid of you,But you are now strong.,I thought I couldn’t see it??”
“You can try。”Summer is too lazy to talk to him,Transverse knife。
This posture falls in Renault’s eyes,Let him be a little amazed,Also let the woman’s eyes reveal the eyes。
But it is the end of the world,The heart is full of complexity in the heart.。
How can he not see?,Your own efforts,Already done a wedding dress。
His original plan,It’s really a fight with the summer.,Come to cover up true purposes。
If you can kill the summer,It is best to,If you can’t kill,Then hit the summer,His brother cliff will be secretly shot。
In order to disperse the territory and alert,The cliff does not appear this evening.。
Just hit the summer,Powerful strength,Can kill the summer anywhere。
certainly,Killing is not the purpose。
The cliff will take the summer,Will ask the respected ring from his mouth。
But at this moment he has all people。
The world is humiliating,Fortunately。
At least Renault and women’s appearance,Summer,Maybe you can keep him。
“Less there,I thought that I was afraid of you.!”
Renin is cold,The figure is like a ghost.,Handheld cross sword,“Blood light!”
As a sword,Black night sky,A thorn blood light tear dark,Summer sweep。
This is a blood-specific,Once you are injured,Be bleeding,It’s hard to heal。