In the back of the ridge, it is like a general peristal force in the big dragon.。
Sudden electric shot。
The air has a shot of a very fast to the extreme.。
Unlike the residual shadow,A bunch of knees have bombarded the chest and abdomen in Longfei。
Scream,Longfei’s body slammed a bow,The feet have been separated from the ground.。
But not waiting for him to go out,It was buckled by the summer.,And then turn around and put a back。
Longfei reversely squatted,Chest is reached by summer hard knee。
In his chin,A bright fork is on the top。
Blood silk is overflowing。
“You’re amazing?”
Everything happens too fast。
Quick to ten bodyguards instantly,Fast arrival, people, even if you are not coming,Fast to Longfei is smashed on the ground,People’s face has flustered。
“what are you doing!”
The first reaction is Bai Yunfei and Li Qingshan and others.,At the same time shouting。
Summer slowly。
Bai Yunfei and Li Qingshan’s voice stop,The look is awkward。
Summer scorpion is cold and cold。 Young people who are originally frightened,One is like a duck being smashed.,All stopped,A bit quiet。
this moment。
Summer dark scorpion,No fluctuation,But falling around everyone,But it is full of cold and ruthless。
Have his eyes,It feels like a wolf.。
“Your high person?”
Receipt,Summer, a collar of Longfei,Put him from him,Fork on his neck。
immediately,He slowly pastes his face close to Longfei,Sound is plainless,“What did you say?I didn’t listen to it.,Repeat。”
The dragon flying at this moment has long been.。
Only the pain comes from the chin,Let him obviously feel that he is bleeding。
What happened just now?
have no idea。
He thought that he had absolutely grasping the opponent,But I didn’t think so fast.。