Summer mobile eyes,Look at the area where Zhangjia is located,The eyes of a pair shot, such as the sword, http://www.paulight.cngenerally forced。
He deeply stared at Zhang Yunfeng,Removing。
Just a look。
Zhang Yunfeng discolored,The pupil is also condensed in an instant to become a needle,Blouse,Don’t shake it up,And his heart is not self-baning.。
Why do he look at me like this??
Rate……What did he know??
At this time,A suite youth walking quickly,There are few more panic between the look.,“Zhang Jiuyi……”
Zhang Yunfeng。
Ambulous,He only feels a blank in his mind.。
Think of the kind of attention before the summer,Zhang Yunfeng suddenly felt unprecedented fear。
But he forced himself down again.,“Add people to find,Be sure to let him disappear。”
Idea youth rushed away,And Zhang Yunfeng is deeply exhaled。
His eyes flashed crazy color。
Even if there is something to obey in summer。
Your third card should be coming soon.。
It’s his death.!
At this moment。
Summer’s eyes have rendered to many boxings in the field。
哒 哒 哒。
Take a step forward。
“You,Don’t come over……”Some people scream,“This is not related to us,It is Zhang Jiu to make us do this.……”
They have no war,I don’t dare to face the summer.,Fast around。
But where can I escape?。
When summer is re-exploiting killing,Their outcomes have been destined。
The last box fell to the ground,Bending with the waist, a big convulsion,即 动 动 动。
Hereed,One hundred and twenty fists are full of violent。
Only one person in the box is standing on the ground。
Footing a corpse,Bloody flowing,Blood fog,And the summer is suffering from blood。
But he tall tall,Right of the eye,And everything today,It will be apparent to everyone’s heart。
Even for many years,This scene is also difficult to abrasive today.。
Until today,Many talents have seen the strong and terrible in summer.,Also let them feel deeply fear。
There are many families and people here have contradictory with the summer.,I also thought about it.。
But at this moment they have to re-estimate the consequences of thorough sin.。