I immediately booked a pot of tea.,Then end to Li Huihe Hexian。
“Sweet sister,Lee brother,Drink tea,Scallion。”
Speech,Miao Xiaoxue http://www.whwgmnqx.cn is directly behind Li Hui’s body.。
A rich fragrance makes the willow sweet and Li apart from the wind.。
“Small snow,You are spraying in the water today.?”
Willow sweetness,Let Miao Xiaoxue are nervous.,That feeling like she seduce Li Hui, was arrested.。
“Forehead,Just just spray a little bit,I didn’t expect the taste to be so big.。”
Li Hui Feng saw the nervous look of Miao Xiaoxue,I can’t help but laugh:“In fact, your perfume is very good.,But I feel that the girl does not spray the water.。”
“Um,I see。”
Finish,Miao Xiaoxue has a little panicked.。
Willow sweet looks at Miao Xiaoxue’s apere figure,I watched a look at Li with the wind.。
“You look at the children’s children.?
What is not spray better??
You still want to make up and smell?”
Willow sweetly said this,The charming point of the http://www.fm992e.cn charm of the god is also a little incense.。
“Hey-hey,I am not afraid of hurting my family’s self-esteem.?”
“Humph,You are not afraid of people who like you.?
How can you find that you can make a girl think about it?,If I have not guess wrong,This little girl may be interested in you.。”
Will be so sweet,Li Hui is also a glimpse,He really did not think about it in this regard.。
“Sweet sister,Don’t scare me,I have a lot of women around me.,Don’t want more,I can’t eat more.。”
Many women?
how many?”
Willow sweetness,Some stress in my heart。
Although she didn’t think about http://www.yihaoled.cn when Li Hui’s wife,But he likes this kind of embarrassment with Li Hui Feng.,She found that since Chen Chaoyang gave it green.,Many of her mentality has changed。
If this is the previous,She will definitely not engage in any man,Don’t say something more。
Although her dress is very sexy,But sexy is just the appearance,Sexy just let Chen Chaoyang look,Let the other person know to love her,But I didn’t expect to love the end, but it was green.。
Just think of Chen Chaoyang,She is still sad now.。
But it is the most sad thing in her.,Li Hui Feng has appeared。
Warm man,Still warm her heart。