Compared to this evil dragon,It’s like a flying ant facing a ferocious spider in the jungle。
Hao Xingsheng on the back of the dragon,Frightened,He didn’t even dare to look down,I can only order this purple dragon to fly upwards。
But the huge claws of the eyeless evil dragon have been raised to a high place,Slapped down,The good commanding purple dragon avoids thrillingly,But soon he was surrounded by dozens of creeping roots。
“Don’t even want to leave alive!!”Guo Chang said madly。
He is blind,But he can be like those leeches,Smell the smell of living creatures,You can hear the sound of blood flowing on living people。
original,He wants to lie dormant for another month,So that the living people in this city of steles were sacrificed to the eyeless evil dragon。
But now that I was spotted,No need to wait anymore。
Tonight,There will be no living bodies in Beicheng other than their Wumujiao,This monument city is a blood bank!!
“My believers,Open your chest,Accept the gift of Shenlong!”Eyeless teacher Guo Chang continued to shout。
There are many congregations wearing black robes,Their strength is not as good as those of Deadpool,A lot of casualties。
And with Guo Chang’s cursing groan,Hundreds of black blood leeches crawled out of the body of the evil dragon,These black blood leeches do not attack those living people,On the contrary, it crawled like a parasite to the eyeless believers in black robes。
Black blood leeches run down their chests,The head that was as soft as a worm suddenly became sharp,Then plunged into the chests of these Wupao followers like a spear!
At first, the believers also showed fear and horror,But soon they seemed to be smoking psychedelic poison,Become excited、Become fanatical、BecomeCrazy……
Their eyes,You can see fine mites,One is black and red,Makes their pupils as scary as monsters!
Their bodies crackling,Bone exploding,In just a few seconds, he has grown from an ordinary human form to a black and red demon,Puffed muscles,You can even see long lines of things squirming!
Evil in the body,Parasitic demonization!
Those Wupao cultists who were originally mediocre have all turned into such black-blooded monsters,They are powerful,You can even lift up the dragon beast!
The Wupao Cultists who had been killed by those deadpools were extremely brave.,They are like raging beasts,Chasing the dead waiters under Hao Xingsheng,Unfolded a unilateral massacre!